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James Egan


Name:                       James Steven Egan

Height/Weight:                 181cm/69kg

Hobbies:                  Mountain biking, Enduro, PC                                                         gaming, stock trading and                                                             any exciting sport!

Date of Birth:            12 March 1991

Hometown:                Durban, South Africa

Living in:                   Nottingham, UK

Contact Details:              
Mobile:                        UK (+44) 7825 083 543
Mobile:                        RSA (+27) 72 456 3305
Home:                         RSA (+27) 31 708 3362
Work:                          RSA (+27) 31 701 4813/4

Email:                        jamesegan81@gmail.com
Website:                   jamesegan81.blogspot.com


  • I started riding bikes at the age of 5yrs, on a Yamaha PW50. I raced junior motocross in 2000 at age 9 and won the PW80 novice championship on a Yamaha PW80.
  • 2004 - I then raced harescrambles and did weekend trail riding until the end of 2004.
      I rode my off-road bike around a short circuit track in Natal (Mason’s Mill) – my first encounter with a tar circuit. Since then, road racing has been my utter passion. My Dad bought me a Honda RS125, on which I did the last race of 2004 in Natal on.
  • 2005 - My first season of circuit racing, competing in the Natal 125GP Championship and the Northern Regions 125GP Championship. We finished 2nd in both championships for 2005.

  • 2006 - We won both the Natal and Northern Regions 125GP Regional Championships.
    I was awarded KZN and Northern Regions racing colours.

  • 2007 - We moved to the National Supersport series as privateers. We won our first national race at the fifth round of our rookie season. Yamaha approached us mid season and offered us a ride in their official team for 2008. We finished 6th in the Championship.

  • 2008 - In the official Yamaha team, we came close to our goal of winning a national championship in 2008 but misfortune took its toll half way through the season with two serious crashes. We won 3 races this season. We finished 5th in the Championship.

  • 2009 - We raced in the official Honda team. This never turned out as we expected. We finished a disappointing seventh in the championship.

  • 2010 - Saw me without a main sponsor after a troublesome year in ’09. I returned to off-road/enduro racing. We saved money and with a bit of help from Yamaha, we bought a ‘09 demo Yamaha YZF-R6. We made a positive comeback with 4th, 5th, and 2nd places at the races we attended in the second half of the season.

  • 2011 - A great success for us as rookies in the Superbike class. After a podium finish at our debut race, we went on to finish top 5 in nearly every race following, with a string of podiums and 2nd places.
The final heat of the final round of the season was my only crash during a race, when I was in 2nd and determined to get a win before season end. Unfortunately we did not take a win in our rookie year, but we were still very pleased with what we had achieved and to finish 4th in the championship after missing the opening round.

  • 2012 was one of the toughest years we’ve had. After being let down by a sponsor, we made our way to the UK to the Triumph Triple Challenge - a one-make series where all bikes are identical, running with the famous British Super Bike series as a type of talent-spotting class. Fortunately it has proven to be a success.
We are the 2012 Triumph Triple Challenge Premier Champions
in our rookie season
We scored 12 wins in the Premier class, 11 podiums/ wins in the Elite and won the Premier class championship with a round to go, and finished 2nd in the Elite (overall) championship.


 For the 2013 season we made another step forward by setting our sights on the British Super Stock 1000 championship, one of the most infamously competitive classes in the world, on 200hp 1000cc race machines as well as wild card rounds of the World Super Stock 1000 championship, one of the world’s feeder classes to World Super Bikes.

We have made great progress in this super competitive class by scoring top 20 results in our opening few rounds, in a field of over 60 riders each round, only the fastest 40 qualify, often covered entirely by 2sec. Most competitive classes will have 2sec covering only the top 15. We ended this learning season consistently closer to the front pack, scoring a small victory of our own by beating TT Legend John McGuiness in our final round in a fair battle for top 15, in our rookie season to the class.

Our medium term goal is to be a competitive force in the World Super Sport and Super Bike championships. This is why we have risked so much to move from South Africa to the UK – to work our hardest at succeeding at every step to the World Championship.

Our long term goal is the same as most racers’ – to win a world championship.


We have re-signed with Team MWR Kawasaki for 2014 – one of the highest classed teams in British Super Stock, who have great capability to help us succeed and give our sponsors some of the best exposure in, but not limited to, the UK & European motorsport industry. They all have immense faith in me, and with our team stepping up another gear for 2014, we have our sights set on the Championship.

  • Should you be interested in getting involved with us or would be interested in sponsorship, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our details below, or at the beginning of the profile.

Please have a look at my blog for more info and photos

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