Wednesday, 21 March 2012

2012 Plans

We have been hard at work over the last couple months, getting all in order for our 2012 season, which some of you may have noticed, does not entail us racing in South Africa. We will be taking part in the Triumph Triple Challenge, running with the BSB (British Super Bike) series in the UK.

This came about after we were let down by a would-be sponsor at the last minute. Roger at Ryder Motorrad had offered us a new 2012 BMW S1000RR and his support once again, but without a cash sponsor, we could not do it!

This may have been the nudge we needed to make the move overseas. We had enquired with the TTC (Triumph Triple Challenge) at the beginning of 2011, before our relationship with Ryder Motorrad was formed. We left it at that. Then, in November last year, I received a phone call from Tony Scott, the director of T3 Racing who runs the TTC for Triumph, to inform me more about the series and encourage us to take part. We bought his sales pitch and now we’re getting on a plane on Wednesday (14 March) to start our UK adventure, just two days after my 21st birthday!

The series was formed, not only as an affordable way for riders to get a foot in the pit-lane of the BSB paddock, but more as a talent-spotting class for Triumph Racing. All the bikes are built by the same people, and with all the same parts to ensure a level playing field.
It goes further than just a fair opportunity – included in your entry fee, is fitness training at Cambridge University, a personalised diet, rider training and skills development in personal marketing & presentation. So the series goes beyond the track with its competitors.

Fortunately we have received some support from Lawrence Watson at LD Refrigeration again, taking some of the load off Dad’s pension fund – Our title sponsor! We are making this opportunity a reality now, not only because of the circumstances, but because I am still young enough to start fresh in new championships. A few years from now will be leaving it a bit late!

My dad will be coming over with me initially to help get set up and working smoothly, but then Bjorn Estment (a good friend from Jo’burg who races 600s) and I will be sharing a flat and travelling to the races together. He has also made the move this year and will be riding in the Superstock 600 class with Seton Yamaha.

We will still run all of our newsletters, race reports, Facebook & Twitter updates and Autodealer newspaper articles to keep our supporters informed. I will soon be starting a blog on our whole trip and will send out details when it’s ready.
We are still looking for sponsors of any size as no foreign move is cheap. For anybody interested in supporting us with any amount please get in contact with us and we will put a sponsorship deal together! Any recommendations and word-of-mouth exposure is hugely appreciated too!

You will be able to reach us on the following numbers once we land in the UK:
James – (+44)782 508 3543
Mike – (+44)750 304 7188

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped us and supported us over the years, from sponsors to spectators, we are very grateful! Here’s to a successful year ahead.

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