Thursday, 5 April 2012

We're all set up in our cosy little campsite for the weekend's racing. Our caravan is kitted out with all its consumables and right now we're on our "veranda" relaxing - I'm writing this Blog, and my Dad is enjoying a frosty Fosters beer.

We have had a walk around these World Superbike style pits in awe at the level of racing in this country. It truly is astounding, the amount of money some teams spend on motorhomes, trucks, equipment, etc, and the dozens of teams that do! If you don't have TWO big rigs, you're an amateur...

Tomorrow is a set up day for the pits - no riding until Saturday. We have one 20min practice session on Saturday morning, and then 10min of qualifying in the late afternoon. Not nearly as much time on track as I would prefer.

Racing starts with morning warm-up on Sunday, then race in the afternoon, and the same repeated on Monday for race 2.

Its time to head off to the Kentagon for supper, then bed time in our fiberglass tent...

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Thanks and cheers for now!



  1. Best of luck, we'll cheer for you from this side of the world!

  2. Thanks, we'll do our best to keep you updated!