Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thruxton and arrival at Brands Hatch for the BSB season opener

We made our way down to Thruxton Motorsport Park for a drive around the circuit in a little Polo TDi rent-a-racer.

After this Easter weekend race, we have only 3 days until we race at Thruxton, so I needed to at least learn the layout of the circuit before arriving to race! We had a great day starting with catching the train the entire 3hr trip, passing through London on the Undergroud, and travelling through picturesque landscapes. We got off at Basingstoke station an collected our rental car to head for the track.

After an hour driving I got an idea of the mega fast track, and we headed back to the station.

On the way home we saw some great sights including Big Ben (which I never managed a photo of) and the Eye of London! I'm really looking forward to taking a trip around that city, so hurry up and get here, Roxanne Watson!

We got home that evening and got packed for an early start this morning. We left at sparrows to fetch our newly acquired caravan (shhh...) and headed for Brands Hatch.

We have now signed on and are waiting to set up for the BSB season opener. Our pokey little caravan being dwarfed by the motor homes of the likes of Shane 'Shakey' Byrne and Nori Haga... But we have to start somewhere.

I will keep the updates coming through the weekend for those interested in our progress over our first race weekend here in the UK.


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