Tuesday, 3 April 2012

With just a few days left until our first round of the Triumph Triple Challenge, we are buttoning up the last few preparations for our journey south to Brands Hatch. First off being our new caravan!

Yes, we now own a caravan... (Nobody tell Jeremy Clarkson) It shall be our home as it is our accommodation for all the rounds and circuits this year. As far as caravans go, I imagine it is your average spec  4 berth (2 berth for normal sized people) with a few extras to make it livable. I'll post some photos when we collect it on our way to Brands on Thursday.

On a more interesting note, we have booked our train tickets down to Thruxton Motorsport Center for tomorrow morning. I'll be doing a few laps of the circuit in a rent-a-racer (Europcar...) to get to know the circuit layout and a brief idea of race lines. I will be getting personal instruction from one of their instructors, but I hear Tiff Needel is supposed to be there on that day! So that will be a bonus! But we'll see...

It has been a steep, steep learning curve the last couple of weeks, but it's been great fun so far with the occasional bump in the road.

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Cheers for now!

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